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April 29, 2019

a giant of georgetown
posted by soe 1:32 am

Clematis Planter

While strolling from Georgetown to the garden this afternoon, I came across this planter outside someone’s home. It contained possibly the largest clematis I’ve ever seen. Each flower was easily the size of a saucer!


My grandmother had clematis growing up the lamppost in her front yard and seeing them always reminds me of her. I didn’t realize there were so many varieties, but Wikipedia shows me they can vary from tiny fuzzy flowers to gigantic, leather-like ones. I knew there was a hairy variety, but never guessed that was just the start of the ways clematis could vary one from another. Nature really is cool, isn’t it?

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Comment by Karen 04.29.19 @ 8:39 am

I love clematis. I have three plants that are a couple years old now and they climb the trellis next to our hot tub. Your photos are just lovely

Comment by kathy b 04.29.19 @ 10:08 am