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December 18, 2007

shopping, knitting, mailing, baking … meme writing!
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Things are a little stressful right now chez nous as I am behind on most everything, although perhaps less so than I was earlier today.

So, to distract you from the shoulder-tensing anxiety here, I’m offering you a meme started by Sweetpea:

  • Favorite Christmas cartoon: Hmmm… This is hard. “A Charlie Brown Christmas” would definitely be up there. But if you really mean “favorite kids’ Christmas show,” then I’d probably go with “Christmas Eve on Sesame Street.” I still watch it every year on Christmas Eve. I still wonder: are those Santa’s bells that awaken Big Bird? The lesson? Your friends are going to come through for you, even if you don’t realize that you need them to.
  • Favorite Christmas movie: Miracle on 34th Street. It’s a Wonderful Life. Miracle on 34th Street and It’s a Wonderful Life. Really it’s all about believing that one person (be he Santa or the little guy toiling away underappreciated day after day) really can make a big difference.
  • Favorite Christmas song (traditional): “Silent Night” has to win out. Particularly when it closes out the Christmas Eve service lit only by the parishioners’ candles. Makes me shivery just thinking about it.
  • Favorite Christmas song (pop/modern): Dar Williams’ “The Christians and the Pagans” is my favorite of the last fifteen years. It’s all about how you can cross the boundaries between traditions to find the commonalities if you want to enough.
  • I’m going to give an honorable mention to Hugh Blumenfeld for “Kosher for Christmas.” It’s references are too dated to win outright, but who can’t help feeling a little kinship for lyrics that include “Let’s all sing out praises to/A long-haired, radical, socialist Jew.”

  • Favorite Christmas cookie: Eskimo cookies. They’re uncooked cookies — oatmeal, butter, and sugar rolled into balls and dunked in powdered sugar. Yum! You really can’t eat just one.
  • Favorite family tradition: Until I was ten, Josh and I shared a bedroom, the door of which opened right onto the Christmas tree. When we were quite little, we’d be allowed to let Mum and Dad know we were awake and they would go and fetch the stockings Santa had left for us to open in our bedroom alone. I think this was so we’d let Mum and Dad sleep in until 7 — an excruciatingly early hour for them, particularly since they’d had to stay up so late to keep an insomniac sprite from interrupting Santa’s arrival. When we were older and had separate bedrooms, our stockings would appear on the hamper between our rooms s o that we didn’t have to waken our parents at all.

Please feel free to share your answers/memories in the comments or on your own blog.

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I haven’t seen this meme, but I do have some similar things posted on my blog in answer to the 7 [new] random things blog. I chose a Christmas theme and talked about my favorite cookies. 🙂

Comment by Debby 12.18.07 @ 7:55 pm