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March 9, 2019

47-hour weekend plans
posted by soe 1:40 am

It’s a shorter weekend than usual with Daylight Savings Time subtracting an hour in favor of evening light. I know some of you have trouble with it, but I am always in favor of this change.

This weekend is a change from usual in that not only do we get less of it, but that Rudi is actually home at night! He hasn’t been here for a Saturday night since early January — and he’ll be gone starting next Friday for ten days coaching the post-season in upstate New York. He is excited for both races — and to see where the Lake Placid Olympics were held, so I’m pleased for him. And I’m pleased for me that that will be the last road trip for the ski season.

We’ve got the dvd of The Hate U Give penciled in for tomorrow night, although friends may be in from out of town, in which case seeing them will obviously take priority and the dvd can get bumped to Sunday night.

The rain picked up this afternoon just as I was going to run some errands, so I decided to put them off until tomorrow. Tomorrow looks to be dry and Sunday’s forecast is for highs nearing 70, so I think it was an okay tradeoff. Plus, one of them is over at the Navy Yard, so I can take a stroll through Eastern Market’s weekend stalls while I’m over there.

I may stop by the garden to plant some more peas and see if anything is sprouting yet. I wonder if I should wait before planting some seeds for greens — chard and kale and spinach — or if I feel optimistic about my odds now that it’s March.

I’m nearly done listening to Geekerella, so I’ll definitely be spending some time finishing it up while knitting my socks. I’d like to make a little time to paint my nails, too, so that’s some additional time I probably shouldn’t spend using my fingers…

And then there’s the usual farmers market and laundry and tidying.

But mostly I’m just looking forward to seeing Rudi tomorrow evening.

What do you have planned for the weekend?

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I finally made it to the epilogue of the book I’ve been reading forever, so I expect to finish it today. Next up is “Early Riser,” but I’ve made a deal with myself: unless it grips me within the first 100 pages, I’m sending it back to the library unread. I’m also planning to go to the library, so convenient.

Comment by Karen 03.09.19 @ 2:06 pm

You got your peas in!!

Comment by kathy b 03.10.19 @ 10:54 pm