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February 27, 2019

signs of hope
posted by soe 1:44 am

Walking up to the park this afternoon, I saw signs everywhere that spring has nearly arrived.

This bunch of crocuses:

Crocuses in the February Sunshine

The daffodil finally popped:

First Daffodil Sighting

And its brethren are set to follow suit:

More to Come

I know many of you are buried under feet of snow and these signs are still a long way off in your own neighborhoods. But I hope you’ll take them, as I do, of signs that winter will not last forever.

(In that spirit, I wore footie socks out today. It was a mistake, but I did it anyway.)

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Oh thanks. There is something other than ice and snow somewhere in blogland. I like the snow until March..then I want it done.

Comment by kathy b 02.27.19 @ 7:42 am

So cheerful!

Comment by Karen 02.27.19 @ 8:57 am