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May 9, 2005

mother’s day farm market
posted by soe 2:11 am

Sunday dawned bright and clear (and a little bit later than Sunday mornings usually do around here). The trip to the farmer’s market did not bring a cornucopia to our table. Halfway through their hours, flowers were pretty much gone. This wasn’t surprising; it was Mother’s Day after all. What was surprising was that the food had gone quickly, too. They were even out of milk!

We did manage to nab the last basket of morels from Sunnyside, where the farmer threw in our potatoes for free. And we bought a bag of baby lettuce from Heinz, whose strawberries were long gone. Two bunches of asparagus and a dozen eggs rounded out the produce.

maple oatmeal bread Blueberry scones had sold out, as had sticky buns. We contemplated pie, but our options were apple or apple rhubarb and that just didn’t say beautiful spring day to us. So we settled on the goat cheese tart to complement the loaf of maple oatmeal bread I made on Friday night.

Yum! I wouldn’t want to give up blueberry scones on a regular basis, but it’s good to remind myself how nice the combination of sweet and savory can be as a breakfast meal.

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