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February 25, 2019

the final weekending of february
posted by soe 1:28 am

This weekend included:

Cuban Hot Chocolate

  • A talk by an artist
  • Knitting outside over hot chocolate
  • Enjoying all the winter/sprint flowers


  • Fewer chores than there should have been
  • A lot more streaming tv than necessary (I discovered one of the libraries I belong to lets you borrow Acorn memberships!)
  • Not flooding
  • Cuddling Corey

Winter Salad

  • A very large (and delicious) salad
  • A bagful of produce from the farmers market (including ingredients for cottage pie)

Reading on Book Hill

  • Reading on Book Hill
  • Enjoying zataar fries before the sun set

Zataar Fries

  • Chatting with my folks
  • Welcoming Rudi home

Golden Clouds

How was your weekend?

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