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February 2, 2019

first february weekend plans
posted by soe 1:45 am

February Teatime

Rudi is off for the next four days and I have no real plans except to take advantage of his not being here to put the apartment to rights. It’s not that his being here prevents that; it’s just that when he’s here, I’d rather spend time with him than waste time on putting away the Christmas stuff or finding the coffee table.

I’m going to head to the library to return things that have holds on them, but not before I make one more try to get the rest of the way through Isle of Dogs. I just don’t really like Wes Anderson films, even when they’re animated. And that will get me outside and into the sunshine.

I made some cookie dough today, so there will also be another batch of chocolate chip cookies to bake and eat.

And I’ll probably see if one of my local friends wants to hang out at some point.

I probably won’t watch the Super Bowl. I don’t care about football, the political bent of some of the Patriots have made them hard for this New Englander to root for, and the commercials aren’t really enough reason to sit through the rest of it. They’ll be on YouTube.

And I’m going to read and knit. Just maybe not until after I put away the Christmas ornaments.

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