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December 27, 2018

final unraveling of 2018
posted by soe 2:08 am

Final Unraveling of 2018

What you see here is the start of a new shawlette. It’s a pretty blue and a soft yarn and I’m hoping the pattern works with it. I’m knitting it on larger needles than I usually work with, so I’m hoping the sections will fly by.

I finished Winter Stroll tonight, staying up after everyone else went to bed to read by the Christmas tree. It was fine, and I will definitely finish the trilogy up next Christmas, but it wasn’t anything amazing. Winning Her Holiday Love is the other Christmas book I brought up with me and I imagine it will be a quick read. I mean, we’re going home tomorrow, so it won’t be done before I leave Connecticut, but definitely by the end of the weekend. I started listening to Cornelia Funke’s When Santa Claus Fell to Earth when we were driving up and figure I’ll finish it on the drive home. It’s not a long kid’s book, so the audiobook is only a couple hours.

This is the final Wednesday of the year, so you should head over to As Kat Knits to see what everyone else is reading and crafting.

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I have never read a Hilderbrand book. Hmmm.

Also, I like the start of that scarf!! 🙂

Comment by Kat 12.27.18 @ 9:18 am

Wow It is the final wednesday of the year. Hmmm. I need to review the year. How can I be better in 2019? How can I find joy and bring it to others?

Comment by kathy b 12.27.18 @ 3:50 pm