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December 24, 2018

virtual advent tour 2018: day 24
posted by soe 6:06 am

virtual advent tour 2018, hosted by spritewrites.net

Happy Christmas Eve! We’ve made it! And if you aren’t done yet, you still have time! You can do it! Either way, Christmas is coming tomorrow!

Our final host for the 2018 Virtual Advent Tour is Bridget at The Ravell’d Sleave who has written a beautiful post about belief. I hope you stop by her blog to read it, even if you don’t have a lot of spare time to spend on the internet today.

Thank you all for joining us on this year’s Virtual Advent Tour, whether as readers, commenters, or writers. Thank you to first timers Constance and Judith for joining us this year. I hope you had fun and will be back in 2019. Thank you, too, to our returning hosts: raidergirl3, Bridget, Kat, Rudi, Jo Kay, Nan, and my Dear Old Dad. You joyfully embarked on writing posts (and often more than one!) once again to help me keep this little endeavor afloat at such a busy time of the year, and I am tremendously grateful. This would not be nearly as much fun without you.

I wish each and every one of you a truly merry Christmas!

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I’m glad you thought my post was OK. But I am SO glad you did the Virtual Advent Tour again this year, it’s a highlight for me.

Have a truly merry Christmas, and thanks for including one of my favorite songs of the season.

Comment by Bridget 12.24.18 @ 12:34 pm

I will head over to Bridget’s for Belief. Thanks for a wonderful VIrtual tour 2018

Comment by kathy b 12.24.18 @ 1:24 pm

It was fun to participate and visit the other bloggers. Merry Christmas to all!

Comment by Constance 12.24.18 @ 10:58 pm