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November 5, 2018

extra hour of weekending
posted by soe 1:51 am


This weekend included a delicious lunch (I had a lemon-muffin French toast with strawberries. Yum!) and a stroll around Eastern Market with Sarah on Saturday, a bike ride home on one of the local bikeshare system I belong to’s new e-assist bikes, and a trip to the movies. We saw Bohemian Rhapsody, which we really enjoyed. If you prefer your celebrity biopics to be full of ruthless truths and raunchy scenes, than this will not be the picture for you, but if you appreciate how friends become family, how relationships can be complex, and examples of collaboration in the truest sense (oh, and the music of Queen), then you’ll likely enjoy it.

Today, we cruised through the farmers market for some breakfast and a few items, spent several hours at the garden, and ended the daylight portion of the day at the park with hot beverages. We had vegetarian pepper steak for supper featuring peppers from our garden, and in the evening I got in some reading and knitting while snuggling with the cats.

It was a good weekend for us. How was yours?

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