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October 22, 2018

homecoming weekending
posted by soe 1:44 am

Apple Picking

I returned home from Connecticut midday on Saturday after spending one final morning with my folks. After a joyful reunification with the cats in which Jeremiah was quite convinced he could lick all that other animal smell off my hand, I biked up to the Cleveland Park neighborhood to visit their library and get a snack. Rudi joined me after he was done with work and since the movie theater up there wasn’t playing anything we wanted to see, we bought some pizza dough from the Italian shop up there and came home to spend the evening in, reading and knitting (I finished two books and zero knitting projects) and watching Netflix.

Today, I hit the farmers market (where the quince are starting to come in), ran by the garden to pick the tomatoes because of tonight’s frost warning (I suspect I’ll have over-reacted, but after you’ve nursed plants along all summer, it’s painful to lose your crop because you bet wrong on Mother Nature), and then met up with Sarah, who drove us out to Virginia for an afternoon of apple picking and cider doughnut acquisition. Rudi made a tasty supper of squash tajine and we ate what I’m guessing will be our final smoothie bowl (peach ginger) from the farmers market this season to wrap up the weekend.

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I brought in all the plants last week. I have one week left of Farmers Market. I intend to go!!

Comment by kathy b 10.22.18 @ 4:44 pm