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September 1, 2018

labor day weekend plans
posted by soe 1:09 am

I’ve got a three-day weekend ahead of me, so here’s how I think I should spend it:

  • Spend tomorrow at the National Book Festival listening to authors and soaking up bookish vibes.
  • Head to a baseball game, courtesy of my local library’s summer reading program.
  • Watch The Wizard of Oz (It’s playing at a Virginia “park,” so obviously an evening thunderstorm like we had tonight will nix that plan.)
  • Visit a new-to-me pool for the final days of the D.C. outdoor swimming season.
  • Listen to music. (There are a couple of free festivals and concerts going on over the next few days to choose from.)
  • Get to the farmers market early enough for a smoothie bowl. (I hope it’s not melon again like it’s been the past couple weeks. Blech.)
  • Do laundry. (Sheets and towels definitely need washing this week!)
  • Clear off my coffee table.
  • Finish reading Spinning Silver and take it back to the library.
  • Start a new knitting project! (No, the old ones aren’t done yet. Why do you ask?)
  • Catch a play reading.
  • See what’s involved in repurposing those picture frames I bought last weekend.
  • Sleep in on Monday!

How about you? What do you have going on this weekend?

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I slept in to storms this morning! I am casting on a new project today TOO!! I said no more shawls…guess what its a shawl

Comment by kathy b 09.01.18 @ 1:44 pm

@kathy b: We love the things we love…

Comment by soe 09.05.18 @ 2:50 am