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August 27, 2018

final august weekending
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Dragon Boat

I spent a lot of time outside this weekend.

On Friday night, we took ourselves out for pizza and sat out on the patio admiring the moon.

On Saturday, I was out the door by early afternoon, which is good for me. I wandered over to the 17th Street Festival, where I bought some tea towels and some homemade muffins, sampled some local lemonade, and ogled handmade jewelry. I decided it was too nice of a day to spend on metro, so I biked down to the Wharf, where I saw one of the final dragon boat races of the day. That’s Boat #1 above, which was the ultimate winner of the community contenders category of the 2K distance. (Dragon boats have 20 paddlers, a steerer or sweep at the back of the boat, and a drummer at the front beating out the cadence of the paddling.)

Today, I headed over to Virginia to protest the Kavanaugh nomination to the Supreme Court. Have you called or emailed your Senators yet to ask them to vote no on his confirmation yet? Senate offices are reporting they haven’t heard from an overwhelming number of constituents on this issue, so it’s particularly important for you to have your voice heard. Hearings are due to start a week from Tuesday, so this will be a critical week to reach out, particularly if your Senators haven’t made a public statement about their stance.

Why is there no term for that level of relationship between acquaintance and friend? Pal, maybe? Anyway, my pal Joanne and I went out for lunch afterwards to a place that served what they called meggrolls (and that I probably would have said was a deep-friend empanada). I opted for a veggie pizza roll and a summer fruit cobbler roll, each of which I ate half of and then brought the other half home for a tasty mid-week lunch treat.

Since I was in Alexandria already, I stopped at the local charity shop to see if they had any frames for some artwork we have. They were having a half-price sale on art, so I came home with two frames I think will work for our purposes. I’m excited to take them apart and see how our prints look.

The weekend also included pool time on both days (today was the last day the pool closest to me was open for the summer), gardening (we harvested lots of tomatoes and basil, cut back some of our overgrowth, and enjoyed the local fauna), and evenings in the park. There were mid-afternoon naps, a Twitter chat, and cuddling with cats. We caught up on Elementary and started watching the Vuelta a España bike race. We ate suppers that featured veg we’d grown, and I knit and read (so far I’m enjoying listening to The President Is Missing). All in all, a very full, but lovely weekend.

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Thanks for the reminder – I sent off emails to my senators this morning!

Comment by Kat 08.27.18 @ 7:45 am