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June 2, 2018

possible plans for an early june weekend
posted by soe 1:03 am

It’s going to be a rainy weekend here in D.C., so there won’t be a ton of outdoor activities on this week’s list. But I don’t think it’s going to thunderstorm anymore, so they won’t be precluded altogether.

I was supposed to start this weekend with an author event, Viet Thanh Nguyen’s talk about the D.C. Reads book, The Refugees. Unfortunately, I got stuck late at work and wasn’t able to attend. I managed to wrap up by 8, though, so Rudi and I met at a local park, where they were showing The Post, the movie about Katharine Graham and Ben Bradlee and the battle over whether The Washington Post should print the Pentagon Papers. When we missed seeing it in the theater, I’d intentionally held off watching it until our outdoor film season, figuring it was a logical choice for a number of them to pick. So we watched the film two blocks from the White House (currently occupied by another president who wants to actively erode the Freedom of the Press) and four from the former Post building and had the film introduced by former Post reporter and editor Len Downie, who had advised the film production. (He tearfully admitted the film set of Graham’s Georgetown home was so accurate that it was hard to be there and not believe she wouldn’t just walk around the corner.)

Speaking of walking, tomorrow is the Dupont-Kalorama art walk, which is when several neighborhood museums open their doors to the public for free. The event has shrunk over the years, but there are still two museums on the list I haven’t visited (one of which is in Georgetown, but who’s counting).

I have things that are overdue to the library, so I’ll be making a trip over there.

I also need to stop at the garden to pick peas and strawberries and lettuce. I was hoping to finish assessing which of my herbs need replacing and to plant beans, flower, and squash seeds, but that might need to wait until slightly drier days.

If the thunderstorms do hold off, I should probably hit the pool. Going last week made it plain that while my legs were up to the task of swimming, my arms had become jelly-filled over the winter and need exercising.

I’ve got several books on the go and a sock that’s hovering at the heel turn (I took a different project to New York because I somehow thought I might finish and have no knitting to replace it) I’d like to wrap up.

I’m mulling a trip to a local farm to pick strawberries, but think I might hold off until next weekend when Sarah is back from her vacation. But I do have berries in the fridge that I need to deal with (ice cream, I think), as well as some rhubarb (which could get paired with the strawberries, but instead I’m thinking about a rhubarb-lavendar crumble I just saw a recipe for).

I’m also contemplating a trip to the office. I’m launching a website on Monday afternoon and made some necessary changes last Friday that had a ripple effect on the way the site appears to some of my coworkers, and I might feel better about things if I do an hour or two of last-minute checks that today’s work repaired the problems.

Household chores were carried over from last weekend. I have a bag to unpack, clothes to put away, more laundry to do, a kitchen floor to wash, and, if rain keeps Rudi home on Sunday, a closet that requires two to reorganize properly. (He tried to tackle it on his own a couple weeks ago and conceded that it would be easier with a partner.) I should also take some of the books we’ve culled out of the house, either to the library (come to think of it, they might be collecting books for an upcoming Friends’ sale tomorrow) or one of the Little Free Libraries around the area. Oh! And the tea canisters need refilling. I love tea day!

I hope your weekend includes lots of fun or necessary tasks. What do you have planned on your agenda?

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