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April 27, 2018

fancy people on wheels, contrast, & spring weather
posted by soe 1:54 am

Fairy Village

Three beautiful things from my past week:

1. Over the weekend I saw three different people in fancy dress traveling on non-motorized wheeled vehicles — a fellow all in red (velvet hat, blazer, and white polka dotted pants) on a skateboard, a man in a kaftan and kufi on a bicycle walking his standard poodle, and a young woman in a sparkly embroidered salwar kameez and dupatta piloting her scooter down a hill near the Capitol.

2. The salmon dogwoods against a cloudy backdrop.

3. A gorgeous sunny afternoon after several days of clouds and rain.

How about you? What was beautiful in your world recently?

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Yesterday’s sunshine was truly beautiful! Have a great weekend!

Comment by AsKatKnits 04.27.18 @ 7:14 am

warm enough to not need ajacket at the barn
open porch doors and windows!
Found 2 tiny evergreen seedlings we can transplant to a less dense area needing coverage!

Comment by kathy b 04.27.18 @ 1:43 pm