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April 21, 2018

earth day weekend plans
posted by soe 1:10 am

My plans for this weekend are small. I need to put things in the living room back in place after the flooding rearrangement, because currently there’s nowhere to put the laundry rack and I need clean clothes.

I would like to stop by the garden to see if anything’s growing and to harvest some more violets.

I plan to knit the heel of my Posey sock.

I want to buy milk and asparagus at the farmers market, a wallet online, and beads somewhere since apparently my local bead shop doesn’t think bright pink beads in the size called for in my pattern is something they should carry.

I’d like to finish a book or two and watch a video or two, but the former is going to come down to wakefulness and the latter to Rudi’s availability.

I’d like to go to the free events happening at the Folger Shakespeare Library or at the Tudor House on Sunday, since I haven’t been to either one.

I want to paint my nails. The green is mostly gone.

I have to get some sleep and spend lots of time outside.

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We wanted to get caught up on our backlog of DVRed TV, but it’s hard when we don’t start watching until almost 11PM.

50 more pages to read in Altered Carbon, and anyway the library is closed on Sunday so I should be done and ready to pick up a new book on Monday.

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