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April 16, 2018

scenes from the garden: mid-april
posted by soe 1:37 am

I made it to the garden center on their opening day in time to snap up four strawberry plants and a couple packets of seeds, and later in the evening, headed down to the garden to do some planting and see what was growing:





As you can see, my broccoli (which I planted last fall as a seedling) is growing florets, my tallest peas are as tall as my fingers, the strawberries I already had in my plot developed flowers, and my greens are finally growing.

Also, I am delighted to report that my fears that I had somehow killed a hardy woodland flower were unfounded and that I arrived to violets all over the periphery of my plot, which is where I wanted them.


I harvested a bouquet of them for the top of my fridge, but left plenty for our pollinators because it’s good to share. I also picked sorrel, some spring onion, and a branch of rosemary.

Mid-April Garden

It’s nice to see it starting to come together.

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Keep those hopeful garden posts coming! We are under lots of snow. I am so grateful for the barn to go to despite the weather.

Comment by kathy b 04.16.18 @ 4:44 pm