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July 19, 2007

booking through thursday
posted by soe 2:03 am

Since we know I’m on tenterhooks, I thought I’d take part in Booking Through Thursday this week:

1. Okay, love him or loathe him, you’d have to live under a rock not to know that J.K. Rowling’s final Harry Potter book, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, comes out on Saturday… Are you going to read it?
2. If so, right away? Or just, you know, eventually, when you get around to it? Are you attending any of the midnight parties?
3. If you’re not going to read it, why not?
4. And, for the record… what do you think? Will Harry survive the series? What are you most looking forward to?

Rudi and I have reserved and paid for our copies of HP7 and will be up at Politics and Prose for their Friday night party. I’ve not yet decided if I’ll dress up; it will probably depend on a couple of things (like whether I can find a hat to go with my grad school robe) before Friday at 10 p.m.

Because Politics and Prose isn’t in the easiest section of town to reach, we’ll probably drive up there, which means we will miss out on great commuter reading time. (By the time we metro’d home after picking up our copies in Bethesda the last time, we were already through the first two chapters!) Rudi’s going out on a bike ride Saturday, but I see no reason why I shouldn’t just be able to plow through reading during his absence.

And as for my guesses as to what happens, I’ll save that for Friday’s post. But let’s just say that I’m an eternal optimist when it comes to my book characters. My experience with fantasy novels led me to correctly guess who would not make it through the last book. This time around, I’m less able to say whom I think will die, but quite confident about who will survive to live happily ever after (what I’m looking forward to most). Tune in Friday to find out my thoughts. (And for those who want the guess-free reading experience, yes, I’ll put it past a jump.)

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Although I haven’t read the books, I definitely would want to see a happy ending to this series! Happy reading!

Comment by Melody 07.19.07 @ 2:10 am

Although I haven’t read the books, I definitely would want to see a happy ending to this series! Happy reading! 🙂

Comment by Melody 07.19.07 @ 2:12 am

I’m just interested to know who will live and who will not at the end…all that excitment just boiling me LOL

Hope you have a fun Harry Potter weekend!

Comment by Julia 07.19.07 @ 2:45 am

I did plenty of guessing myself with the other books, but as of Book V, J.K. Rowling did a lot of things that I didn’t think she would. So I’m reserving my guesses, but I do hope Harry survives, ends up with Ginny, with Ron marrying Hermionie. That’ll be cool. 🙂 Happy reading!

Comment by kat 07.19.07 @ 3:23 am

I hope you enjoy it. I am going to start reading it while walking home in the dark if I can! It will be great to see how it all ends.

Comment by Rhinoa 07.19.07 @ 3:48 am

I just can’t wait to see how it will all turn out! I’ll be at the party on Midnight with my son. We went to the last. Now we HAVE to go to this one!!

Happy Thursday!

Comment by Stephanie 07.19.07 @ 7:55 am

I am also looking forward to reading the book and will spend the weekend visiting my old wizard friends. 🙂

Comment by Literary Feline 07.19.07 @ 11:09 pm