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March 6, 2018

sock madness
posted by soe 1:37 am

Fée Dragée

Every spring for years now I’ve taken part in Sock Madness, a competition where knitters from around the world strive to knit a sock pattern faster than one another. Except it’s slightly more complicated than that in that it involves six rounds and teams and probably some other stuff I’m not thinking of. The first round is a play-in type round and you just have to be able to complete the first pair in two weeks’ time in order to advance. I haven’t managed it in at least two years. Maybe three. But this year I’m feeling it and this is my progress after half a week. I haven’t been dedicated to knitting Fée Dragée when I should (in part because of some lingering doubts about color combinations, size, and my ability to read a perfectly clear pattern), so I could be further along than I am, so I have hopes that sock #2 will fly by. But this is sock #1 (and a very patient Corey), so I shouldn’t count chickens.

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With or without the contest community, it is going to be a beautiful sock. Hi kitty

Comment by kathy b 03.06.18 @ 4:04 pm

[…] I showed yesterday, my current knitting is Fée Dragée, which I think of as my “Go, go Gryffindor!” […]

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@kathy b: Actually, I find it a remarkably supportive group on Ravelry in general. People stay active there year round and cheer each other’s success on.

Comment by soe 03.10.18 @ 1:33 am