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March 5, 2018

first weekending of march
posted by soe 1:31 am

Spring Branch

This weekend included wrestling with my grandmother’s ancient Eureka vacuum to figure out how to get the brush roll out to replace the belt. I thought I’d broken it when I accidentally released the first wire that held it in place, but luck was on my side.


I made it to the tabling section of the urban gardening conference yesterday, even if I didn’t make it to any of the sessions, so I came home with several bulbs and a bunch of seed packets. Now I just need to get myself back down to the garden to wake my plot up for the season.


I did a lot of reading and some knitting and I’m now feeling more confident than I was that I’m actually following the pattern correctly. Sometimes you just need to trust the pattern and give it time to develop.

How was your weekend?

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I love to see Spring flowers. Crocus and hyacinth in purple are so pretty. The hyacinth smell so good

Comment by kathy b 03.05.18 @ 6:05 pm

@kathy b: I’m glad you’re enjoying them. I am, too.

Comment by soe 03.10.18 @ 1:34 am