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February 26, 2018

posted by soe 1:34 am

Jer Loves Oreos

I know they say cats can’t taste sweet, but I think science just hasn’t figured out how they do.

(And, no, I didn’t let Jer have the Oreo.)

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Our cats love Oreos too – well, the filling, not so much the cookie part. I think cats fake things in scientific experiments, just to keep us all guessing … 😉

Comment by Bridget 02.26.18 @ 8:06 am

Did your cat lick it? MY PIE loves baked goods. Shes a weird o

Comment by kathy b 02.26.18 @ 8:47 am

That Oreo looks delicious. I can’t blame the cat for wanting it.

I didn’t know that cats can’t taste sweet. One of my cats once broke into a box of donuts and ate quite a bit of a chocolate cake donut. It’s hard to imagine how a donut could taste good if it didn’t taste sweet.

Comment by Karen 02.26.18 @ 8:52 am

@Karen: Jacks once found a box of Dunkins, too, but he preferred a jelly doughnut. Luckily, he kept it in the kitchen, since that apartment had carpets.

@kathy b: Yup. And would have taken it out of my hand if I’d let him.

@Bridget: Actually, that theory makes the most sense.

Comment by soe 03.10.18 @ 1:39 am