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January 28, 2018

first sighting of 2018
posted by soe 1:58 am

First Bulbs of 2018

From Book Hill. My phone tells me that the first sighting last year was this same weekend.

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Wow! So early. It reminds me of a scene in the book I was reading last night. The main character found some buds popping up during a warm spell in December, and she tried to push them back into the soil. It was a very silly thing to do. But that was back before cell phone cameras and blogs, so she didn’t know how to properly handle the situation 🙂

Comment by Karen 01.28.18 @ 2:09 pm

Oh flowers coming up anywhere is exciting!!! I bought tulips for a friends birthday. They were a joy to give

Comment by kathy b 01.30.18 @ 5:41 pm

@kathy b: That hill, behind the Georgetown branch library, gets full Southern exposure sun all day long, so that is nearly always where I find the first bulbs of the season. And, yes, we do get a bulbs way earlier than even where I grew up, which is only a few hundred miles to the north.

Comment by soe 02.05.18 @ 12:33 am

@Karen: That is a silly thing to do, but sometimes when my potatoes surface in the garden & I’m not ready to harvest them, I just tuck it back into the earth, so maybe not that uncommon a reaction.

Comment by soe 02.05.18 @ 12:35 am