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December 11, 2017

virtual advent 2017: day 11
posted by soe 5:30 am

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Happy December 11! Christmas is two weeks from today, which means some of you are nearly done wrapping, baking, and cleaning and the rest of us are really just getting started. Whichever way you fall, you’re doing great! You’ll be ready before you know it!

However way you cut it, though, folks are starting to get a little tired. So I thought maybe you might need to wake up your brains and see if you can put these 15 songs in order of when they were written. If there’s some question, go with the date at which the lyrics and melody were paired. (For instance, if you were picking a date for “Turn! Turn! Turn!” you’d place its publication in the 20th century for Pete Seeger’s composition, rather than in a date BCE, when Ecclesiastes was written down.) Get your holiday thinking caps on (I assume they’re red with white fur trim) and see how well you do.

Oh, and some folks work better when they’ve got music to listen to. Here’s Sharon Jones’ “Big Bulbs.” Think of it as my version of the “Final Jeopardy” jingle.

  1. “All I Want for Christmas Is You”
  2. “Hallelujah”
  3. “Silent Night”
  4. “Jingle Bells”
  5. “Joy to the World”
  6. “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer”
  7. “O Holy Night”
  8. “White Christmas”
  9. “Jingle Bell Rock”
  10. “Silver Bells”
  11. “Santa Claus Is Coming to Town”
  12. “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas”
  13. “A Holly, Jolly Christmas”
  14. “Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)”
  15. “Mary’s Boy Child”

I’ll post the answer tomorrow, when you’ll be delighted to know we once again have a host who’s not me! Join us then!

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I will be back to play later!!

Comment by kathy b 12.11.17 @ 10:12 am

Thanks for stopping by my blog 🙂 I think Silent Night is the oldest.

Comment by A :-) 12.11.17 @ 1:06 pm

I think Silent Night is oldest too! NEwest would be: all i want for Christmas is yoU!

Comment by kathy b 12.11.17 @ 4:34 pm

OK, here’s my attempt:


Comment by Rudi 12.11.17 @ 10:43 pm

[…] in case folks still want to play yesterday’s Christmas music trivia game (because Rudi tells me it was too hard), I’m going to give it one […]

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Okay, here is my attempt at this awesome Christmas Jeopardy!!

Oldest to newest:
5. Joy to the World
2. Hallelujah
3. Silent Night
7. O Holy Night
4. Jingle Bells
11. Santa Claus is Coming to Town
6. Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer
8. White Christmas
12. Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas
10. Silver Bells
15. Mary’s Boy Child
9. Jingle Bell Rock
14. Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)
13. A Holly, Jolly Christmas
1. All I want for Christmas is Your

And, I LOVE the Christmas Jeopardy Music!!

Comment by AsKatKnits 12.12.17 @ 8:35 am

[…] Finally, here are the answers to Monday’s carol quiz: […]

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