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May 31, 2007

smoke, water, and lol
posted by soe 12:49 pm

It was with great relief I realized this morning that it was Thursday. Not just because that signals the weekend (I’ve been a bit scatter-brained this weekend, nearly going to work in my slippers on Tuesday and spending 15 minutes looking for the sunglasses I’d already slipped over my shirt this morning, so apparently I could use a bit of extra sleep.), but also because it brings with it a chance to tell you about Three Beautiful Things from the past week:

1. The smell of wood smoke that lingers on your sweater from sitting next to the fire the previous night.

2. When I headed to the garden last Thursday, they were filling the community pool that’s adjacent to our plot. I can’t wait for this weekend to cool off after some weeding, particularly since the cool water was taunting me yesterday from behind its closed gates. (The pool is open only on the weekends until school lets out.)

3. Kickball teams abound in D.C. (No, I didn’t realize it was still played formally after elementary school either until I moved down here.) Yesterday, as I puttered in the garden, three games were being held in the field next to me. A (male) outfielder in the game closest to me yelled to his “pitcher,” “Make it nice and bouncy — just like my hair!”

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It is very smart to close the pool during the week while school still in session :)…less likely to pull the kids out of school :).

Comment by isela 05.31.07 @ 2:06 pm