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November 6, 2017

coffeeneuring 2017: ride #1
posted by soe 1:03 am

Every fall, M.G. hosts a Coffeeneuring challenge in which participants ride their bicycles to someplace and drink coffee or another similar beverage. This is my fifth year taking part and I decided to put more thought into the option to a theme within a theme than I did last year, when my plan to finish knitting projects and books during the event scaled down to knitting and reading.

So, I opted to make this year’s theme within a theme visiting some of D.C.’s 25 branch libraries. Some of these libraries are ones I’ve been to before, while others are entirely new to me.

Coffeeneuring Ride #1: Sugar Shack Doughnuts (1932 9th St N.W.) and Northwest One (155 L St. NW)

Sugar Shack in Shaw

Saturday, Oct. 14; 5.7 miles

Hot chocolate, doughnuts (sprinkled and Butterfinger)

I kicked off my first Coffeeneuring ride by convincing Rudi we ought to ride over to Sugar Shack in Shaw and see if they still had quidditch doughnuts (they included a Golden Snitch doughnut hole) in the afternoon. Alas, they did not. But because I like to stay up to date on my doughnut shops, I knew that Sugar Shack’s social media feeds always includes offers for free doughnuts in exchange for certain things, like wearing a sports jersey or having a “q” in your name. So before we left home, I checked and that day’s challenge was to sing the Hogwarts school song and you’d get a free house doughnut. If you’re familiar with the Harry Potter world, you’ll remember that the song has neither a set tune nor tempo, so all you have to do is sing a couple stanzas and you’re golden. So we did. (Rudi opted for singing to “Ode to Joy,” while I literally just made up a melody as I went along.)

Sugar Shack Goodies

Which meant we got to eat two doughnuts each — one for lunch and one for dessert. Mine were sprinkled and Butterfinger (the ones on the left), which I combined with a cup of hot chocolate. The doughnuts were tasty, but the hot chocolate lacked whipped cream or marshmallows, which, in my opinion, make hot cocoa such a desirable drink while out. (And, yes, those are knitted doughnuts hanging from the ceiling in the photo at the top.)

Northwest One Library

We then ventured down to Northwest One, which I’d ridden past before on my bike, but had never stopped at. Located in a municipal-style building, the library abuts the Walker Jones Education Campus, a K-8 school. They have an adequate number of bike racks, but they’re right next to the trash and recycling bins, so if there were a bunch of bikes, it could be challenging to lock up. Inside, the library is a single main room divided into sections using the stacks (and some small meeting/study rooms off to the side).

Halloween Display at Northwest One

The room is tall, with many windows, so there’s a lot of light. The library has tried to make the room scale better by hanging a bunch of Calder-inspired mobiles from the ceiling, which makes the space very cheerful.

Northwest One Library Interior

I got them to unlock a dvd I’d already checked out, found a made-for-HBO baseball movie (Soul of the Game) that takes place part of the time in D.C., and pulled Jeff Zentner’s most recent book off the new-release shelf.

Northwest One

We stopped by Giant and did some grocery shopping on our way home, which meant we were heavily laden down for the last couple miles. But all in all it was a very enjoyable start to the Coffeeneuring season.

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This looks like FUN! Amanda and I might have to do this in St. Pete. They have a large bike rental program throughout the city, so I’m thinking that something like this might be fun.

Comment by Christy 11.06.17 @ 7:53 am

Well, that was a lovely stop on your Coffee Trek! Bike riding in Pittsburgh is not for the faint of heart as the hills are mighty!

Comment by AsKatKnits 11.06.17 @ 8:18 am

@Christy: It is fun! I definitely recommend you and Amanda do it!

@Kat: I’ve seen some of the crazy cycling contests they have in Pittsburgh and you couldn’t pay me enough…

Comment by soe 11.07.17 @ 6:01 am

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[…] Lesson Learned: sprite is also taking on the Coffeeneuring Challenge, and I’ve been happy to join her on some of her exploits. The coffee at Sugar Shack is made with beans from Zeke’s, a favorite local roaster, and was quite good. The donuts are also superb, and two of these we acquired by singing “The Hogwarts Song” from the Harry Potter series. I sang it to Beethoven’s “Ode to Joy,” while sprite made up the tune as she went along (there is no proper music to this song, so why not make something up?). We also visited the Northwest One branch of DC’s Public Library, which was a really lovely library that replaced the kiosk-style Sursum Corda branch a few years ago. Read sprite’s account here. […]

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