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April 24, 2007

imaginary vacations
posted by soe 11:56 pm

Since a trip to Utah to care for my recuperating MnotIL will use up every drop of my leave time for the summer, I am going to have to rely on the power of the imaginary vacation for some R&R.

So in my mind, I am going to plan a late May jaunt to the south of France. It’s about time I put all those years of French classes to use. (This is not entirely true, since I have already put them to use when I visited Quebec eight years ago. I was complimented in Montreal for the accent I used when saying, “Bonjour!” Luckily, the tour guide at the stadium didn’t ask me to say anything else in French, since my reading comprehension is far superior to my speaking abilities!)

On my pretend vacation, I hope to swim and sunbathe on the Côte d’Azur. I plan to pedal past fields of lavender. I want to hike the Luberon. I expect to breakfast on crusty bread and chocolat chaud and sit at roadside cafés in the afternoon with Rudi. We may even take a few days and travel to Paris.

Since this vacation isn’t bound by the pedestrian technicalities that make real-life travel difficult, I will not worry about finding someone to water my garden or paying someone to look after our cats. I won’t stress about returning jet-lagged to work on the day after I fly home. I will not be concerned by the price of the hotel that is priced quite nicely for someone who normally traffics in Euros instead of the ever-declining dollar. I will merely smile at the enchanting hôtelier, wave my hand, and tell him to charge it to my credit card. There will be no repercussions.

Since I do not have to budget my vacation days, let’s make this trip last three weeks. That will really give me time to shake off all the winter doldrums and to recharge my batteries.

The only risk we run? That reality is that much duller because of the imaginary.

Ah well. Some chances must be taken.

So how about you? Where would you vacation this year if reality didn’t get in your way?

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I’m the same way w/ French – 5 years of it pre-college and a yeat in college, and I can barely speak it but can read it fairly well.

I would be off to Merry Olde England, myself. God knows if I’ll ever actually get there in real life w/ the exchange rate the way it’s been! But in fantasy-land, I’m there. I’d spend a 4 days in London, and then move on to a week in the Cotswolds, and then a week touring around James Herriot country 🙂

Comment by Jenn 04.25.07 @ 6:50 am

Oh, wow…unlimited options…either I’d be like Jenn and head off for Britain–but I’d include Scotland and Ireland on that tour–or I’d head for a remote but well-stocked cabin on a lake in the woods. With a big deck and a swing and a fire pit and a hammock. Reading, sleeping, knitting, watching the lake, listening to it move with the wind. Ah. Heaven. Thanks for inspiring this!

Comment by Amy 04.25.07 @ 8:27 am

Great vacation spot! I’d go back to Cancun. I really liked it there.

Comment by heather 04.25.07 @ 9:21 am

Your description of your imaginary trip to France sounds so real. I can tell you have been daydreaming about it a lot. I have been there once and it is just how you describe it. I’d love to go back.

As for where I’d like to go this year, I think California or Italy. The sunshine, swimming and sunbathing, and cycling past gorgeous scenery sounds heavenly. Profuse flowers, simple delicious meals, and lazy days sound like just the thing. 🙂

Comment by Debby 04.25.07 @ 10:19 pm