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August 25, 2017

disappearing act, afternoon out, and summer treat
posted by soe 1:10 am

Thursday, so it’s time to look back on three beautiful things from my past week:

1. D.C. was in the area of 85% or so coverage during Monday’s solar eclipse. While Rudi traveled with friends down to the path of totality, I took my chances by staying in D.C. Pleasantly, my office got enough eclipse glasses for the staff, so shortly before the time of maximum coverage, my coworkers and I trekked over to the pocket park where we assemble for fire drills, put on our glasses, and were quite impressed:

Eclipse Downtown D.C.

Eclipse Just After Maximum Coverage

Eclipse Nearing Its Conclusion

Those shots — the first two around that maximum coverage point and the last one about an hour later — are taken through my glasses. I was especially pleased with our view after I stepped out an hour later to find it raining (although obviously it then cleared enough to catch that bottom shot). Rudi had a friend who traveled 500+ miles to catch the eclipse in totality only to have it obscured by clouds for exactly those three minutes.

2. Everyone else was away this weekend, so my friend Shawn came over to my side of town and we hung out for the latter part of Saturday.

3. After spending Sunday afternoon at the pool, I really wanted an ice cream cone. That pool is right next to the grocery store, so I decided to buy a box of cones to go with the ice cream we picked up Friday night. And then I decided we needed a container of rainbow sprinkles in which to dip the cones.

An Evening Snack

(Apologies for the blurriness. The cone was melting really fast!)

How about you? What was beautiful in your world this week?

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I too was enthralled by our partial eclipse here.

Comment by AsKatKnits 08.25.17 @ 7:31 am

My son was still visiting last week
Your ice cream looks wonderful, I had shaved ice!
and my 3rd: sleeping with windows open

Comment by kathy b 08.28.17 @ 7:59 pm