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April 29, 2005

all packed up
posted by soe 3:01 pm

My folks have sold their co-op and spent the last three days down here packing up the rest of their belongings. This marks the formal end of their 14-year bi-state existence and I am remarkably happy for them that they finally get to exist in just one place.

Mind you, they still need to drive back up to Connecticut and to unload the car and the truck. But the apartment is empty and the keys have been handed over. Now that they’ve made it past the closing, there is time for closure.

Their time down here was good for them. D.C. afforded them some fantastic opportunities they never would have had if they’d remained in Connecticut all this time. But now I think it’s better for them to have a place where they can spread out and enjoy time with hobbies, home and garden, and each other (and with Gramma, who will move in later this year). I’m sure some concerns exist for them as they embark upon the next stage of their lives, but the journey seems to have been a good one so far, setting a positive example for Josh and me.


I did just want to take a minute to thank Hod, a family friend since I was a little girl, who drove all the way down here just to help Dad with the heavy things. Since I would have been hard-pressed to lift and tote with quite the same good graces Hod approaches life with, I was remarkably grateful for his presence. Thank you.

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Thanks, KC.
Appreciate the heartfelt kudos (that’s a large African deer-like entity). Enjoyed my sojourn with you both. Perhaps I can return the pasta/pizza favorings next time you’re in our ZIP Code.
All my best

Comment by hod 05.03.05 @ 6:19 pm