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June 23, 2017

getting literary, this bike’s the (yarn) bomb, and awesome (plus, unraveling!)
posted by soe 1:15 am

Before we get going on today’s topic, I wanted to share my unraveled photo for yesterday, because book and project coordinate so well today:

Blue Unravelings

The knitting is the baby blanket, which is noticeably longer than last week (although still a substantial ways from being large enough to cover a baby). The book is Julie Murphy’s Ramona Blue, which I’m just a couple chapters into. I’m also a little ways into The Princess Diarist, Carrie Fisher’s final book, on audio. So far, so funny.

Three beautiful things from my past week:

Solstice Sunset

1. The library hosted Roxane Gay for a sold-out, rock-star event of an evening. I’d procured two tickets, so Julia was able to go with me. Because I wasn’t attending alone, I’d made sure to get moving early, which was crucial, since they’d overbooked the venue and later line-goers were turned away. Roxane was as thoughtful, brutal, and funny as her work would lead you to expect.

2. Knitters especially will want to click over to Flickr to look at the original-sized photo of this bike, which does not, in fact, have an ombré-colored frame, but a ombré-covered frame, in one of the most impressive DIY bike fancifying I’ve ever seen.

Yarn-Bombed Bike

3. I had to work last Sunday at Awesome Con, a fan-going convention in the tradition of Comic Con. We had a very specific dress code, which ruled out costumes, but I really enjoyed the work and unabashed enthusiasm that others put into theirs. We had a photo booth area set up and two ’40s-inspired cosplayers stopped by. “He’s Captain America, so does that make you Agent Carter?” “In the flesh, ma’am.” We bantered for a bit, before she broke character to thank me for recognizing her. “I’d worked out a whole back story and then no one asked, so thanks for letting me use it.” Later on, a boy of eight or so gently put his costumed hand on my arm to ask about our (family-friendly) props of “f” words: “What does ‘foxy’ mean?” I paused to come up with an age-appropriate answer: “It means cute.” “Oh.”

How about you? What’s been beautiful in your world recently?

I began Lincoln in the Bardo this morning – and it is truly a thing of beauty! But, that bike! Wow!

Comment by AsKatKnits 06.23.17 @ 8:38 am

You’re lucky to have literary stuff close to you, I live in a teeny tiny town…not much so the internet is my gateway!

Comment by Karen 06.26.17 @ 7:17 pm

@Kat: I know! I mean, until you get close, you really wouldn’t have guessed. I literally walked past and then had to double back as my brain processed what it had seen.

I’m looking forward to listening to Lincoln in the Bardo once I make it to the front of the audio queue once more.

Comment by soe 06.27.17 @ 12:41 am

@Karen: I am lucky. D.C. is a very literate town, so I am always appreciative of the breadth of bookish events going on.

Comment by soe 06.27.17 @ 12:42 am