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April 3, 2007

living it up in the garden
posted by soe 11:56 pm

Thursday afternoon I received an email from a stranger. He’d gotten my name off a waiting list I put myself on nearly four years ago. Would I be interested in a half-plot in the local community garden?

I didn’t have to think. Yes! I wrote back. Yes!

A half-plot of land all our own! A little 5′x10′ plot (we guessed) that, for all intensive purposes would belong to us…

I floated on air. Rudi and I talked tomatoes. I called Gramma and we debated short-term vs. long-term plants. We were so excited.

So Saturday morning I traipsed seven blocks to the garden and met Kevin, the garden coordinator. He pointed me to my plot.

Folks, it’s not 5′x10′. It’s 15′×15′! (He told me 10′x15′ but because it’s in the corner I actually think it’s larger than some of the others.) It’s bigger than my bedroom. It’s more than a quarter of the size of the whole Burrow.

The plot is in the southwest corner of the garden and will get full sun until early afternoon, at which point it will get some shade from an overhanging tree and the vines that grow on the fence.

There are still some living plants in the garden — lavender and mint, as well as a few that my friend Eri is going to ask her dad to identify. Otherwise, it looks like ‘most everything else has gone by the bye, including the milkweed.

But sufficed to say, we have a lot of land to play with. We can plant anything we want. Tomatoes and herbs and some squash and fall bulbs are definitely in the plans. Anyone have any suggestions of what you’d plant if someone suddenly offered you a lovely plot of land?

The foot (prime) marks show up with an extra space after them when viewed in Firefox. I can’t figure out why, but they look fine in Safari, so I’m assuming it’s a programmatic bug and not me.

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Oh how exciting!!! That’s just wonderful! There’s nothing like a garden of your own 🙂 Huzzah!!

This reminds me I need to start my marigold seeds….

Comment by Jenn 04.04.07 @ 5:22 am

Lucky you! I can’t wait to see the bounty!

Comment by amanda 04.04.07 @ 9:10 am

A garden! Congratulations! I’m not going to be able to do much, since we’re hoping to move, so I’ll live vicariously through you.

I don’t know if this would suit your space, but I’ve always wanted to try raspberry canes, or strawberries. Greenbeans are easy and delicious. And I love flowers so that’s mostly what I’d plant in a new garden, things you can’t buy in plant form like Canterbury Bells (my favorites). Enjoy and let us know what you decide!

Comment by Debby 04.04.07 @ 11:46 am

I hope you keep the lavender plants. You can prune them back pretty hard after the last danger of frost is past and they will love you for it. The mint will be an ever lasting pulling process. Unless mint is contained it will take over everything. (Speaking from experience on that one.)

Comment by Mia 04.04.07 @ 2:14 pm

Ooh, lovely! My little pots of everything are going to be so jealous of your actually-in-the-ground plants.

As for recommendations, I’d throw some peppers into the mix, if you like them. I’ve had good luck with many types of sweets and hots — they seem to like the weather here. And if you can take possession of the lot soon, you may still have time for a spring crop of lettuce and/or spinach if you get it in soon.

Comment by Sarah 04.04.07 @ 7:00 pm

That is so cool! I love gardening! It is so soothing to the soul.
I will send you some chamomile from garden if you want.
I have been ready to plant tomatoes and herbs for weeks but the weather is very, very cold here at the moment and I have to wait till the soil is warmer (and as of yesterday unfrozen! weird weather we are having.)

Comment by paula 04.06.07 @ 7:55 am