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March 26, 2007

where are sue and diana when you need them?
posted by soe 11:24 pm

Well, UConn is out of the NCAA Women’s Basketball Tournament. No Big Dance for us this year.

I’d like to reiterate, as I do every year, how frustrating it is to be a women’s basketball fan in Washington, D.C. In Connecticut, although the men’s state team generally does pretty well for themselves (although not this year), the women’s team is the one that people talk about most. The women are a dynasty.

Here in D.C., I felt bad for the GW women, who lost yesterday in the Elite Eight. Until last night, they went game for game with the Georgetown men. But while the Georgetown games were covered at least briefly in the local section of the news, the coverage of GW’s games was generally left for the last spot in the sports segment — the one you can ditch if you’re running short on time.

Tonight, my UConn women did not show up even with their B game, which was too bad because the LSU team came with an A+ game, as well as their stellar 6’6″ center, Sylvia Fowles.

Oh well. There’s always next year — and the internet, so I can follow the team regardless of D.C.’s lackadaisical attitude toward women’s sports.

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We knew LSU would come in with a vengeance after UConn broke their winning streak, but, even if it was inevitable, it sure should have been closer. Even Gino looked like that proverbial deer! Sighhhh. And…at least they’re in the lead-in part the news here!!!

It also wasn’t that long ago that the women weren’t even part of the sports news in DC, so I guess there’s been some improvement. We would wait and wait…for naught! It’s always much too slow a change.

Comment by Mum 03.27.07 @ 10:38 am

You should come join us in NC some march… Plenty of coverage here! :^)

Comment by Kim 03.27.07 @ 5:55 pm

I will trade. You can have UCONN basketball, if I can go to D.C./Virginia for the U.S. Open Cycling Classic on April 7. 🙂 There are both men’s and women’s races, but of course only the men’s will be on TV. However, since it’s the first time in ten years a major network has broadcast *any* cycling, I’ll take it. But it would be so fun to be close enough to watch in person. 🙂

Comment by Debby 03.27.07 @ 8:49 pm