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December 7, 2016

virtual advent tour: day 7
posted by soe 4:00 am

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Welcome to Day 7 of the Virtual Advent Tour!

Today’s host is raidergirl3, who takes us out on a tour of some of the lights of her Prince Edward Island town, at her blog, an adventure in reading. Incidentally, did you know raidergirl3 is the only original participant of the Virtual Advent Tour still playing along? She’s written nine posts since the event began a decade ago. (2014 was an off-year in between hosts.) And I won’t swear to it, but that first tour post may be how she and I “met.”

Thank you, raidergirl3, both for today’s post and for continuing to take part in the tour!

Check back here tomorrow for the next stop on the Virtual Advent Tour. And if you’re interested in taking part in the tour, badges, details, and sign-up info can be found here. We’d love to have you participate.


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That’s when we met? Very cool. You must also have done the Virtual Advent Tour as long, or did you not participate that first year?
Regardless, I’m so glad we are still friends, and that you’ve continued to keep the tour going. Merry Christmas!!

Comment by raidergirl3 12.07.16 @ 10:25 am

@raidergirl3: I think so, but I could be wrong. Actually, I didn’t join up with the VAT until 2009. I don’t remember why I didn’t write posts the first couple years, because I definitely read them, unless because it was a thing for book bloggers and back in the early years of my blog (which has never been just about one thing) I took those designations more seriously. I’m glad we’re friends, too! Merry Christmas!

Comment by soe 12.08.16 @ 6:28 am