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December 20, 2006

swimming upstream
posted by soe 6:02 pm

I must be making some progress on the holiday front, but it sure doesn’t feel like it.

I did make some cookies (Di‘s fudge and Mum’s eskimo cookies, both of which went over very well at the office holiday potluck), but not all I need to bake.

I’ve written some cards, but I’m not quite done yet. (This currently stands as my most-likely-to-imminently-finish task.)

I’ve done a bunch of shopping, but not necessarily for the key people who need presents by a certain date (like Monday). Admittedly, my lack of e-shopping, my tendency to do lots of browsing, and my desire to patronize local businesses may have played some role in there not being an awful lot done. Or, at least, like my feeling that I haven’t done a lot.

Knitting is progressing. Christmas gift #1 was finished back in November. Christmas gift #2 experienced some major hiccups until I eventually admitted defeat with the original yarn I bought for the project and bought a different kind instead. As predicted, Christmas gifts #3 and 4 will not be completed prior to Monday. I’m okay with that.

Wrapping. Ha! Ha! Ha! (Imagine dramatic pauses in between each of those.) Maybe tonight. Or tomorrow. And, if not, Mum bought a lot of bags that I can dip into in Connecticut. But I’d prefer to get at least some of it done before we head north.

I did finally decide last night that I should put on a Christmas movie and I spent some time knitting, eating, and card writing during this year’s showing of Holiday Inn. I still have time for White Christmas or It’s a Wonderful Life, but I’ll have to hope my folks have a copy of Miracle on 34th Street, because I don’t think we own it. But doing something that felt holidayish made for a nice change….

Two more days ’til we head north. And then two more days after that to finish up all the loose ends. I’d better get moving. I have a lot to do still!

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If it is any consolation, which is doubtful, I have not done any shopping yet and I am out of the country. I suppose amazon works just as well, but that hasn’t actually helped me so far.

Comment by Grey Kitten 12.20.06 @ 6:30 pm

we just watched white christmas — the best part was the ending tribute to the general. i got a little choked up even though it was on the hoakie side :o)

Comment by amanda 12.20.06 @ 11:23 pm