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December 18, 2006

weekend away
posted by soe 12:41 am

I’ve had a nice weekend in Connecticut in a pre-Christmas celebration with my brother, who is in from L.A., my uncle’s family, who will be in Oregon for Christmas, my folks, and my grandmother.

It was a nice visit and now I head back to D.C. to finish up some work, some shopping, and some baking (plus writing those aforementioned cards). I’m hoping to get lots done during the week so that next weekend can be spent visiting friends and my dad’s side of the family and doing relaxed Christmas-related activities. (That’s not my normal m.o. so only time will tell how successful I’ll be….)

Yarn-related projects progress. People who read the blog will benefit from my productivity, so the rest of you will just have to wait for photos until after the recipients open their presents.

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Sounds like it was a nice weekend 🙂 I love seeing familt at Christmas – I can’t wait until we head down to see mine in CT this coming weekend.

Wow, I didn’t crochet anything for anyone this year. Wow. That’s quite a shock!

Comment by Jenn 12.18.06 @ 7:07 am