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January 22, 2016

cold, sports, and dvds
posted by soe 2:41 am

Three beautiful things from the week before D.C.’s major snowstorm (the local meteorologists keep tossing around terms like “top ten storm” and “devastating”):

1. The cold air that comes off all my wool outerwear when I take it off inside a nice warm building (because it’s not coming off me).

2. I’ve added a second volleyball session this winter in order to help stave off my depression this winter. Both got started this week, and it seems like both teams (the other one is my team from the fall) will be good fits and lots of fun.

3. In addition to all the books I’m going to read, knitting projects I intend to finish, and treats I plan to bake, I picked up a bunch of films at the library to watch while I’m recovering from the snow, ranging from classics to superheroes to YA sci fi to Bollywood to a bawdy volleyball film starring Burt Reynolds.

How about you? What’s been beautiful in your world this week?

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Good luck w/ the storm!!

Comment by Jenn 01.22.16 @ 7:00 am

@Jenn: Thanks!

Comment by soe 01.28.16 @ 4:02 am