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November 27, 2006

stacked tv
posted by soe 11:56 pm

Television ends sweeps month strong with a great week of tv. Monday is usually the only night of the week where we keep the tv on all three hours of prime time, having found four shows that we enjoy: How I Met Your Mother, The Class, Heroes, and Studio 60. Tonight’s shows were all good episodes, I’m pleased to report.

We also get Merry Christmas, Charlie Brown and a Great Performances featuring James Taylor later this week. This promises to be a week filled with lots of knitting — and some housecleaning in anticipation of our tree-trimming party this coming Sunday — so it’s nice that the television offers us quality background entertainment.

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I switched on the TV during the last 10 minutes of Heroes (David doesn’t get home from chrous until after 10:30, so I usually watch it with him on Tivo), only to discover that our cable service forgot we have the HD channels, so Tivo didn’t record it because it could tell there was no signal.

It’s back now, but now I have to wait until the show repeats later in the week on Sci-Fi to see it. And I was looking forward to treating myself, since I managed to cross the 50K word count tonight.

Comment by Grey Kitten 11.28.06 @ 1:33 am

Charle Brown’s Christmas!! Huzzah!!

We missed HIMYM last night, as we were watching the ‘To Serve Them All My Days’ dvds we took out from the library. It’s a nice little miniseries, set in a British boys school after WWI.

I hope to get our tree this weekend.

Comment by Jenn 11.28.06 @ 6:08 am

I’m sorry to read (having caught up on your posts) that you’ll miss your 50K goal for the novel, but I agree that time with family is precious, and now that you’ve started, you can go back to the novel after the holidays.

Comment by Debby 11.28.06 @ 9:33 pm