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September 18, 2015

green paper products, unmasked, and the weather
posted by soe 2:28 am

It’s Thursday, which means it’s time to look back at the week and share three beautiful things from it.

1. Recycled toilet paper at Safeway, since Walgreens has discontinued their green line of household products.

2. Because of a dentist visit, squeezing in a visit to the main library before a meeting. During the weekly Twitter chat I like to take part in, they offer free books (to keep, rather than to borrow) to people who stop in during that time, but it’s way earlier than I take my lunch. It was nice to finally meet the folks behind the Twitter account.

3. In this final week before summer transitions into fall, the weather has been clear and cool and perfect. Even the most curmudgeonly complainer wouldn’t be able to fault it.

How about you? What’s been beautiful in your world this week? Please feel free to share in the comments.

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i love when the regular stores carry green products!

Comment by heathermama 09.21.15 @ 1:13 am

the weather here is blissfully cool 🙂 I am finally in my happy place when I walk with sweating! I love the way the days are getting shorter as well. Have a great week!!

Comment by karen 09.21.15 @ 7:51 am

@heathermama: Me, too. I’m really disappointed that Walgreen’s has decided to discontinue their line.

@karen: I’m not loving the shorter days, but I do appreciate that staying out until dark no longer means dinner has to be around 10.

Comment by soe 09.23.15 @ 2:16 pm