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March 21, 2015

weekend to-do list
posted by soe 3:08 am

It’s the final ski racing weekend of the season, so I’m on my own again. Here’s what I’m hoping the weekend holds for me:

  • Knitting on my new Sock Madness pattern.
  • Spending time outside.
  • Uploading photos from Hungary.
  • Submitting my Errandonnee report.
  • Tackling laundry mountain.
  • Listening to an audiobook.
  • Buying cat litter.
  • Shopping at the farmers market.
  • Attending the Hometown Yarn Party.
  • Taking a yoga class.

How about you? What do you hope to do this weekend?

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I was hoping to go to Old Sturbridge Village, but DH’s cold seems to be back so that’s looking doubtful, alas.

So instead I think I’ll be reading “Girl on the Train” if I make it to the library today to pick it up!

Comment by Jenn 03.21.15 @ 5:21 am