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March 19, 2015

mid-march yarn along
posted by soe 2:23 am

Technically, this photo is a lie.

Mid-March Yarning Along

I am NOT currently reading Lola and the Boy Next Door because I just spent six hours power reading it nearly non-stop. Stephanie Perkins writes YA contemporary romance and composes fun protagonists and swoon-worthy love interests. I might like Cricket, the scientifically minded guy in this story, even more than I liked St. Clair in Perkins’ debut novel, which is saying something significant.

And while that looks like the top of a sock and DOES, in fact, constitute two concerts’ worth of knitting, I’m just not completely sold on it becoming what I told it to be (which, yes, was a sock). It’s sport-weight yarn and it feels too thick to be a sock, but it maybe just wants to be a thick sock? I’m still mulling… which is fine because the next round of Sock Madness should begin by the weekend.

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Yay! It’s so exciting to find a book that you can’t put down!

Comment by Karen 03.19.15 @ 8:21 am