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February 12, 2015

yarning along: finishing and beginning again
posted by soe 3:28 am

Yarning Along: Mid-February

Tonight has been an evening of starts and finishes. I plowed through the final 100 pages of Katie Fforde’s Practically Perfect, a sweet romance set in an English village where Anna has just bought a cottage she’s renovating. There’s not a lot in the way of character development, particularly once you reach the secondary characters, but I didn’t mind. It wasn’t overly treacly, and I found myself missing the characters when I opted to take a different book with me to Connecticut last weekend.

While in Connecticut I finished the cowl I was test knitting (and which I’ll share with you once I have the designer’s go-ahead to do so), so needed either to cast on something new or pick up something old. I opted for both by pulling out my Lightning Shawl, which is knit in strips. Yes, I did cast on the next strip just for the sake of the blog post. And, yes, it took me three tries to realize that I’d used a different cast-on than what I’d expected on the previous strips. But we’re good now (I hope) and it’s not out of the question that this could be done in time to take with me to Hungary as a completed accessory.

Yarning along with Ginny.

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Love that yarn! Your shawl is going to be fabulous. Thanks for the book review, I am going to pick it up today at the library. It is just the type of book I need to read right now.

Comment by Angela 02.12.15 @ 9:13 am

@Angela: Thanks! I hope you enjoy the book. She has a number of other titles, which are now on my to-read list.

Comment by soe 02.12.15 @ 1:17 pm