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August 31, 2006

rain!, reward, and a random duck
posted by soe 9:42 pm

With this morning’s unsettling news about O’Rourke’s, I thought it might be hard to switch gears and think about positive things. Luckily, as sad as I am about the (hopefully temporary) loss of a favorite restaurant, I am sufficiently removed from the devastation to be able to see there are still good things in the world. I offer you three from the last week:

1. Yesterday, it drizzled — just a bit — as I was heading home. It hasn’t rained here practically since June (when, you may remember, it rained so much our apartment flooded). While it wasn’t the gorgeous thunderstorm I was hoping for, it felt utterly delicious. Today’s weather was lovely and cool, and more rain is predicted for the weekend. The worst of summer might finally be over!

2. Today was a marathon day at work, with me arriving home just before 9. Waiting for me were two lovely skeins of yarn from The Dye Pot: sock yarn in a purple colorway called “Carmichael” and bulky yarn for this cute purse in a multi-hued colorway called “Wave.” The yarn was on sale, so it was even better.

3. Rudi just suggested that “rapscallion” should be the third beautiful thing for alliteration’s sake. How can you not love that?

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Looks like Ernesto is heading your way…batten down those hatches! Timing is right this time round considering your plans for next week!

I looked for the Carmichael yarn, but had no luck. What wonderful colors they have though.

Most recent interview with Brian was a bit more upbeat. People are rallying. Here’s a site: http://www.orourkesdiner.com to look at for good wishes, memories, and possible future events to help.

Love, M

Comment by mum 08.31.06 @ 10:34 pm

I love it when those packages are waiting at the door like that. It makes those tough days instantly happy!

Comment by Jenni 09.03.06 @ 10:53 pm