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October 10, 2014

kouign amann, fall foray, and not him
posted by soe 3:44 am

Saturday Sunset

Three beautiful things from the past week (it’s late and I’m tired and hungry, so I will attempt to make only one of these items about food):

1. When I go to the farmers market during the week, I like to pick up something sweet for tea. Today’s treat was Kouign amann, a French cake from the Breton region. It was dense and flaky simultaneously, rich with butter, and topped with caramelized sugar.

2. Saturday was our annual trip to pick apples with Sarah, John, and Nicole. We each came away with a decent-sized bag of apples to keep us happy for a couple months, and the day was comfortable and dry, which the forecast had threatened might not be the case.

3. Sunday afternoon, well before I was expecting to hear from him, Rudi rang my cell. After this winter, you’ll be unsurprised that my heart sank into my shoes at seeing his name come across my screen. While I don’t wish anyone else an injury (and particularly not gentle Chris), I was really relieved when it turned out not to be Rudi who’d crashed and that he was calling to say he’d be late because he was picking up his wounded compatriot at the hospital.

and 4. (I lied. But you’ll understand why in a second.) Salad topped with french fries. You’re welcome, and I’m sorry (not sorry).

How about you? What’s been beautiful in your world this week?

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