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May 28, 2014

posted by soe 1:57 am

Today was a bit of a rush, with work deadlines and friends visiting (and the frantic apartment cleaning that accompanies visitors) and an intense discussion of the #YesAllWomen thread on Twitter, so I am only just now sitting down to write two blog posts and finish up some work writing.

Karen has her usual invitation (now that Amanda has passed on the baton) to share weekend activities and Carole made that the Ten on Tuesday topic today as well, so here is my weekend in a nutshell:

West End Rose

  1. Nicole, Julia, Michael, and I picnicked along the river as usual for a Friday evening, but it was a little quieter than usual, since The Yards opted not to schedule a concert over the long weekend, unbeknownst to us and about 100 other people. But Orangina and strawberries and cheese and hummus and chocolate (NOT all at once) with friends are a fine way to start a three-day weekend, with or without music.
  2. Strolled to Blind Dog Cafe for chocolate chip cookies and homemade soda (lemon for Rudi; vanilla for me).
  3. In honor of Geek Pride Weekend, we watched Star Wars.
  4. Sprawled on a blanket at Mitchell Park.
  5. Finished two books.
  6. Completed the two-color section of the Color Affection I’m knitting.
  7. Had a pleasant dinner with friends and their kids.
  8. Took an unintended 5-mile hike in Rock Creek Park after the heat returned the lion cubs to their den early and the crowds at the zoo sent us out the back gate.
  9. Swam at the pool during its inaugural weekend of the season.
  10. Planted my potatoes in the garden (finally!) and harvested my first strawberries.

All in all a nice weekend at home with my sweetie.

How was your weekend?

I cut the flower above from the rose bush growing in our community garden. Because the garden sits on land owned by the National Park Service, they have rules about what can and can’t be planted and roses are no-no’s. However, the bush has been there for a long time and we don’t fertilize it or treat it with anything, so we made the executive decision to grandfather it in. I appreciate its flowers every year and finally remembered to take snips with me yesterday to bring a bloom home to enjoy before their season passed.

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i’ve been watching sherlock, series 3 — does that count as participating in geek week? 🙂

Comment by amanda 05.28.14 @ 1:24 pm

@amanda: Of course!

Comment by soe 05.28.14 @ 11:37 pm