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February 25, 2014

swap of discontent package
posted by soe 2:35 am

Earlier in the winter, Emily suggested that a swap might be in order to help cheer her up. A bunch of us agreed that we’d like to be cheered up, too, and a few days later The Swap of Discontent was born.

Emily suggested that we try to give our recipient a cozy night in with makings for tasty drinks or treats, media to enjoy, and a one-skein project. Hand-me-downs were perfectly fair for sharing.

Late in January, a package arrived. The cats were very interested in the box itself, but I found its contents very appealing:

Swap Package

Inside were all sorts of goodies from Colleen in Pennsylvania: There were interesting sounding fruit-flavored teas made with German rock sugar (which I keep thinking of as Pop Rocks, but which hopefully is nothing like that). There was a book, The Light between Oceans, that had appeared on a number of best-of lists at the end of 2013. There was super-soft yarn and a pattern to make a cowl. There were keychains and a row-counter and temporary tattoos and stitch markers…

Swap Presents

… and there was an LED barrette that Colleen assured me could be used as a cat toy.

Hair/Cat Toy

I just don’t think she meant simultaneously.

Thank you, Colleen, for such a great package. And thanks to Emily for suggesting a swap was in order.

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Colleen sent you a well thought through package of beautiful goodies! How nice!

Comment by margene 02.25.14 @ 4:07 pm

What a great idea! I loved that book and passed it around the staff room.

Comment by raidergirl3 02.25.14 @ 5:32 pm

LOL, so glad you like everything! and the barrette looks perfect 😉
and no, german rock sugar is not like pop rocks- but that would be neat. its like those lollypops that look like crystals- little yummie crystals of happy that sweeten your tea!

Comment by Colleen 02.26.14 @ 8:32 am

very nice!

Comment by Karen 02.26.14 @ 9:59 pm