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January 1, 2014

a resurrection of resolutions
posted by soe 11:53 pm

Last year I decided to start work on tackling three goals a month, which seemed a reasonable number, at least until I stopped fulfilling them — and then even setting them. But just because they didn’t stick didn’t make them a bad idea, so I’ve decided to resume them for 2014.

During January I plan to:

  1. Darn my sweater and replace the two buttons that have fallen off. My Everyday Cardigan is regularly worn, but it is looking a little sad these days with holes and safety pins marring it. I’m signed up for a darning class mid-month to help me fine-tune the skills required for completing this task (and fixing the pile of socks that also need mending).
  2. Take a bag of donations to the charity bookshop and one to Goodwill. The bags are already full and waiting. I just can’t seem to motivate myself to remove them from the house. (The Goodwill bag is particularly pathetic, since it spent all of December in the car and then came back inside when we needed the trunk space for taking Christmas presents up to Connecticut.) Maybe this weekend while Rudi is out of town I can get myself moving (perhaps with the promise of a trip to the Arlington library in pursuit of a book I really want to read that D.C. hasn’t bought).
  3. Invite someone to visit. We need the incentive to keep the Burrow somewhat tidy, and, honestly, I’m a bit lonely these days with Rudi gone most weekends. Maybe we’ll have people over to celebrate Russian Christmas next week. Or maybe a tea party is in order some weekend. Or a game night…

Well, that’s my plan for January. How about you? Are you a goal-/resolution-setter?

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Three is such a nice number, isn’t it? I am also thinking about trying to accomplish three small goals for January even though I didn’t quite manage in December. It can’t hurt to try, anyway.

Good luck with your list!

Comment by Karen 01.02.14 @ 11:33 am

@Karen: Three is a nice number. And doing it this way means I tend to make them specific and manageable, which I’d probably not be so successful at if I were coming up with goals for a whole year.

Comment by soe 01.10.14 @ 1:18 am