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November 20, 2013

yarning along: mid-november
posted by soe 3:11 am

I wrote last week that nothing had been capturing my fancy in either my knitting or my reading. I’m pleased to report this week is much more focused.

On the reading front, I’m listening to David Levithan read his latest novel, Two Boys Kissing. The book’s device of being narrated by the ghosts of America’s gay male AIDS victims in the form of a sort-of Greek chorus really works for me. Because of that, it feels like the first book I can recall that authentically feels like the novel of my generation. I’m only partway through the book, though, so it may be premature to say that. Either way, I will probably need to obtain a print copy at some point to read read. (For me, in my own head, listening to and reading a story are two different experiences.) Since I’m listening to the book through the Overdrive app on my phone, it’s not pictured here.


On the knitting front, I pulled out a bunch of skeins of yarn on Saturday and wound several of them, including these two skeins of stripey Christmas yarn. I think one will be fingerless mitts and the other socks, but it may turn out that both will become socks. A swatch (read: failed start to a project) showed I wanted US1 needles, rather than US1.5, so that’s what I’m knitting with for the red and green cuff. Self-striping yarn has been scientifically proven* to be the fastest thing you can knit, so I’m hopeful these will be done in short order. (That bottom heap of yarn in the bowl is my Éclair shawl, which is nearing the 2/3-completed mark.)

*To my knowledge, this has not really been studied scientifically.

(Yarning along with Ginny.)

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I read Two Boys on Monday and HOLY COW. Yes. Amazing book.

And I agree – reading and listening are very different. I usually try to only listen to stuff I’ve already read (because I’m usually listening while driving so need to be able to tune out if need be), but on the rare occasions when I listen to something I haven’t yet read and like it, I HAVE to then go read it for myself!

Comment by Jenn 11.20.13 @ 7:27 am

I hate that feeling of not knowing what to knit next! I just tried two different scarf patterns and neither of them made it past the first 5 rows or so. I’m glad you are more focused now!

Comment by SuperCutePetContest 11.20.13 @ 3:49 pm

@Jenn: I know it isn’t that way for everyone. For some people it’s a legitimate way to read a book, but for me they’re just wholly different experiences. I like the book and Levithan’s use of language so much that I want to be able to share quotes from it, and I can’t hold onto those while still listening to the story, so a print copy is a must. But the nice thing is that I notice different things when I listen to and read the same story, so there is true merit to both.

And, through exploring Overdrive, I realized they have poetry books there, which seems like a perfect thing to experience via headphones, since I love readings and don’t get to them often enough.

Comment by soe 11.20.13 @ 6:03 pm

@SuperCutePetContest: Yeah. I’ve definitely been stumbling for a while. Sometimes simple really is better!

Comment by soe 11.20.13 @ 6:04 pm