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June 27, 2006

wet books aren’t a good thing
posted by soe 1:21 pm

For people who love books, Rudi and I tend to leave them on the floor. Normally this is fine, but not when two of your rooms flood.

I bought a hair dryer this morning and have been blow-drying the wettest (and thickest) of the books for an hour or so while listening to podcasts. I think it will work out okay. (Yes, I have heard a rumor that some people use these machines on their heads. I have never been one of those people and gave away the one hair dryer that was ever given to me. But desperate times called for desperate measures and I am now the owner of a book blower.)

One of my knitting books may have bitten the dust, though. It has glossy pages that all seem to have melded together as they dried and my attempts to pry them apart have not been good for the paper. I’m going to try steaming them apart, but if that doesn’t work, we may have the first significant casualty of the floods. (Or it could become an off-roading instruction manual offering the beginnings of patterns but not the ends where the pages have ripped.)

P.S.: For those who are wondering, yes, we had a great time in California. The present woes have shifted those nice memories into the background, but they will rise again into the foreground soon and then I’ll be happy to bore you silly with tales of 70 degree temperatures, books, visiting loved ones, and hitting the beach.

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On July 1st, my friend Dianna is running a live action role playing game. We’ve had sessions with small groups but this is the first time all 7 players will get together.

Fran is making costumes for herself and her husband, Ben. I expressed my admiration for such work, and also my trepidation for starting down that slippery slope. She ignored the last part, and after hearing the sad story about how Lynda and I once failed to do anything with the fabric we bought for curtains because we couldn’t remember how to thread Lynda’s sewing machine, she offered to show us.

So after you left on Saturday, I had to call her back. She had called while we were at the beach to figure out what the plans were, and I didn’t hear the cell in the beach bag. She called again at the Padres game, but I never heard the phone ring.

At some point I must have put the cell into my pocket where it has a tendency to push the button on the side that cycles the ringer to vibrate and then silence all (but rarely back around to turning the ringer on). She had called while we were at the Big Kitchen, too.

I called her – she was at work, on a Saturday! – and apologized for appearing to be avoiding her. I then opted for a nap while she finished up at work. She came over later and demonstrated the various functions of her sewing machine. Lynda came, too, and we both had back everything we had forgotten from 8th grade Home Economics.

Now I was starting to get excited about the idea of making my own costume for the game. I enjoy having things to look at and point to and say “I made that.” It was, however, after 10 P.M. before they left.

Just to get an idea, I went to the only place that sells patterns and fabric that is still open at that time – Walmart – and looked through their patterns.

I walked out with two patterns, and a Brother sewing machine, but no fabric.

The next day, I was scheduled for Dynamis on FFXI online, so that kept me busy from around 1 PM to shortly before 6 PM. Afterwards, I looked online to find out when JoAnn’s closed on Sunday. The website claimed 7 PM, so I hopped in the car and drove off.

Got lost.

Found my way back and eventually got there. It was 6:37. Despite the claims of the Internet, they close at 6. I was treated to a show of the employees locking the door and heading home. I bought some swimming goggles from Sports Chalet, instead (since my old pair in my gym bag melted together in the sun).

Monday night, after a swim workout after work, I headed to JoAnn’s. (I knew how to find it this time). Got there with plenty of time (they close at 9 on weekdays), and was immediately disappointed with their selection. There was nothing even close to the type of material I had in mind. I walked around and around looking at and touching just about every piece of fabric – even venturing through the home decor fabrics in desperation.

I gave up with JoAnn’s and went home defeated. The lack of adequate sleep caught up with me, and I passed out promptly after arriving home.

Tuesday, I was still feeling exhausted, so I took a sick day. Slept until 1 and was feeling much better by that point. Decided to venture outside – found my way to Discount Fabrics, where they had material that was basically what I was looking for (not quite the right color, but workable). I asked for what I needed from my reading of the patterns, and went home to wash it.

While it was washing, I started working on the comic, already 2 days late. I had it drawn, scanned, and was halfway through the wording when Fran showed up to help (and work on her own project).

So my evening was spent working on the vest I’m making. One error I made was not checking the size marking on the pattern, so I had to combine drawing and math just to estimate something that might fit when it’s done. Plus, I wanted it to be an elongated vest for a gypsy type costume, so I just made things up for extending it down past my knees. I got as far as cutting it all out, stitching the front and back pieces at the shoulders, and then pinning the outer piece to the lining.

Tonight I get to try sewing it all up and see how well it works.

I understand about not owning a blowdryer. I only bought one when Lefty was suffering from a skin infection and needed frequent baths. Rather than let her run around with all that long hair soggy, I would torture her with the loud machine that blew air at her, but at least it would help dry her off somewhat. Also, it’s purple.

I’m not sure if we still have it. David occasionally finds it and tries to convince me to give it away to Goodwill.

For your apartment, I recommend removing all furniture that requires touching the floor, and replacing everything with a system of hammock furniture. Think how much fun that would be for the cats!

Comment by Grey Kitten 06.28.06 @ 5:25 pm

My blowdryer is purple, too. But it’s much quieter than the blowdryers of my youth.

Hammocks are not always comfortable, so I think I should supplement that idea with large magic carpets that I can put the furniture on that will hover over the Burrow’s floor.

Comment by soe 06.30.06 @ 2:56 pm

Can you get magic carpets at Ikea now?

Comment by Grey Kitten 06.30.06 @ 3:55 pm