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September 16, 2013

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On Friday night, since no one else could join us and since the music has ended at The Yards for the season, we opted to spend the evening at our local park with books and snacks. Rudi brought our travel hammock up there and I joined him in a beach chair. The temperatures were cool, as you might be able to tell from our needing to wear pants:

Friday Night at Mitchell Park

Yesterday, as I mentioned on the blog earlier, I biked up to Hyattsville and Julia joined me there for an arts festival. The festival was smaller than those we’re used to in D.C., but we still found jewelry we liked. We also made our way to Franklin’s for conversation over drinks and the first apple crisp of the season.

Morning Glories

This morning after watering the garden, we drove up to Delaware to spend the afternoon at the beach. It was a lovely day for a drive: we turned on Rudi’s iPod and I knit on my shawl and we sang.

In Bethany Beach, we picked up some fish sandwiches, birch beer, and fresh, hot fries and ate lunch on the sand. A brisk, off-shore breeze made air temperatures in the mid- to lower-70s feel ten degrees cooler, but the water was temperate, if a bit choppy. Machinery surrounded us, as construction teams worked in the ocean and on shore, dredging up sand to replenish what washes away from the beach.

Still Summer

Moon over Sand Dredger


After the sun slipped behind the shoreline rentals, we decided to call it a day. With local businesses in the sleepy hamlet closing early, Rudi suggested we drive north to Rehobeth Beach to check out their downtown and see if they had a coffeeshop that was still open.


I sighted the sign for coffee tucked into an alleyway, so we stopped for half an hour to partake in hot drinks, a bookshop/toy store, and the most breathtaking sunset (my photo does no justice to it) before beginning the three-hour trek home.

Sunset over Downtown Rehobeth

(Weekending with Amanda)

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chilly enough to need jeans? please send that weather my way.

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@amanda: I’m happy to share! You just can’t hog it, okay?

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