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July 23, 2013

posted by soe 12:18 am

This was a full weekend before a full week:

On Friday night, we joined John and Nicole at The Yards for a picnic in the breeze off the water. Kids shrieked as they ran through the pool and we could hear the band off in the distance.

On Saturday, our lazy day of the weekend, we watched the penultimate stage of the Tour de France live, rather than a rebroadcast. I knit on my shawl and did a load of laundry. We went to Glen’s Market for lunch, then biked down to the garden to water. We finished the day by picking up Sarah and her friend Allison for some tailgating before a concert up in Maryland. It was Fun., with Tegan and Sarah opening for them. The crowd was upbeat, liberal, and young, and the venue was packed. Fun. said that it was the biggest crowd they’d ever played before, and they seemed a bit awe-struck at the power they wielded from the stage. Their show was energetic, and so was the twice-soaked crowd after two waves of rain poured down on the lawn seats.

On Sunday, there was the farmers market. There also was DC Scoop, an ice cream festival at Union Market.

Milk & Honey & Cornflake Ice Cream Sandwich from Milk Cult

(This is an ice cream sandwich from my festival favorite, Milk Cult. It’s milk & honey ice cream on a cornflake crust. Delicious!)

I spent the entire afternoon there, shopping at the various vendors inside and out, and then biked home with two pints of raspberries, a (mini) baguette, and a bouquet of sunflowers in my basket. I would have felt quite Parisian if I’d had a chance to pedal leisurely. Instead, I raced against a thunderstorm that never materialized into rain, leaving me sodden from the effort and the humidity.

We finished the weekend with these guys:

The Monkees Performing "Last Train to Clarksville"

That’s a Davy Jones-less (obviously) Monkees. They goofed around, they sang hits and deeper cuts (Rudi was particularly pleased to get seven songs from Head.), and they interacted with the audience. I thought the show might be a bit somber, but it wasn’t. It was just a lot of fun and filled with people singing along to songs they’ve loved for decades.

(Writing along with Amanda’s weekly recap.)

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I must say being able to bicycle to places sounds fun, we live far out in the woods for that. Whenever the tv is on I am knitting, if it’s an interesting show, it’s simple knitting-if he picked the show, I’m knitting lace 😉

Comment by karen 07.24.13 @ 6:49 am

@karen: Being able to bike places is fun, although hot and sweaty are other adjectives you might choose. 😉 And D.C. makes it even easier by having a bike-sharing system through much of the city, so you can even decide just to bike in one direction.

I like to knit while watching tv, too, although if the mystery is tense enough, I forget I’m supposed to be working on it.

Comment by soe 07.24.13 @ 8:19 am