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July 19, 2013

beach trip, bright, and better
posted by soe 12:06 am

A busy weekend filled with concerts and seeing friends has nearly arrived, but before it does, let’s look back at three beautiful things from the past week:

1. On Sunday, we headed up to Delaware to the beach. We spent the entire afternoon soaking up sunlight, playing in the waves, and generally relaxing. Then we decided to follow it up with a movie at an independent, single-screen theater (which opened in 1949), which was showing The Lone Ranger.

2. The stars were ultra-bright while driving home from the beach. Living in a city, you forget how bright stars can be and how many of them there are. Depending on the road’s direction, I had a view of either Cassiopeia or the Big Dipper.

3. After more than two straight weeks of being sick with some bug that I just couldn’t shake, I woke up Tuesday feeling fine.

How about you? What’s been beautiful in your world this week?

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YAY! Glad you’re feeling better! 🙂

(also, if you try to look at my LJ any time soon, you may not be able to – I friends-locked it for the time being, thanks to my horrible temper and not being very politic on someone else’s LJ. I’ll unlock it in a week or two, once it’s blown over! Not that I really expect any problems from it, I’d just rather not add any drama right now – the house stuff is giving me more than enough drama!!)

Comment by Jenn 07.19.13 @ 7:06 am

Ok, back to unlocked on LJ. Not that I’m saying anything interesting over there! 😉

Comment by Jenn 07.22.13 @ 8:17 am

@Jenn: I shall just imagine you said fascinating things while you were gone. The interesting thing about your having locked LJ is that it makes it look as if you only started blogging there when you unlocked it. All interesting things you said there previously are now gone from an outsider’s perspective. So you can tell people you were writing masterpiece blog posts for the past two decades and no one will be able to say otherwise. Not that you weren’t, of course. 😉

Comment by soe 07.24.13 @ 8:29 am

Hahah! I like that! I have hidden many posts full of Important and Noteworthy ideas!

Comment by Jenn 07.26.13 @ 10:06 am